Adopting from My Way Home

Thank you for your interest in adopting from My Way Home Rescue. Please read below for what to expect in this process.

The first step in bringing your new dog home is to help us be sure the dog is a match for your lifestyle. We have lived with these dogs in our homes, sometimes for several months, and have grown to know them and love them. Our primary purpose is to match the dog to the right home and the application process helps us do that. We do not have any hard requirements like a fenced yard or certain amount of exercise every day as each dog is different. We’re not judging you, we’re just looking for a good match. The information you provide in your application will help us be confident that this dog is right for your home.

We try to be completely fair in our adoptions and will address applications in the order they are received. This way there is no confusion in multiple people meeting a dog at the same time. We understand this can be frustrating to people applying to adopt a dog when they don’t hear back from the rescue and we’re sorry for that but we may receive dozens of applications for each dog and simply do not have the time to respond to them all.

Your application will be forwarded to the foster home for the specified dog. Our foster families know the dog best and we trust them to make the judgement if your home is right for the dog. Again, this is not a judgement on you or your home generally, just a determination if your home would match this particular dog. If you do not hear from us within a few days then either the foster parents did not think the dog’s personality matched your lifestyle or the dog has already had a meetup scheduled. If they think it might be a good match, they will contact you to set up a meeting. We generally insist on a home check but in this era of covid it’s more of a yard-check: we won’t enter your home, probably just stand outside and talk for a bit. You will have this time to meet the dog and we can both make the final decision if the dog is right for your family.

Before the meetup you will receive an email with a couple of links. One is a DocuSign link to the adoption contract. The other is a link to our payment page. You can wait to sign the contract and pay until you meet the dog – both can be done from your phone in just a few minutes. And now the dog is yours! Congratulations.